Howdy, my name is Domas Dranginis.

I'm a coffee professional who diverted from IT and sociology in search for the perfect cup of coffee.

Main areas of my focus and interest are sustainability in coffee supply chains, quality improvement,  disruptive & emerging technologies. 

Personal info

  • Name: Domas Dranginis
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Phone: +351 926 171 965
  • Email: domas@dranginis.lt

What I do

Dedicated to third wave coffee, I work on specialty coffee culture in Portugal and beyond. From brewing and advising on best practices and standards to shaping the way coffee should be served and perceived.

  • Coffee
  • Equipment
  • Marketing/digital media
  • Business strategy
  • Events
  • Training/staffing

How well I do

Coffee equipment, 75%
Cupping/sensory, 80%
Education/training, 83%
Business development, 75%
Branding, 85%
"Latte art", 10%

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