Work hard play harder

After finishing high school in 2011, I headed for higher education in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is where I discovered my passion for tech and specialty coffee.  

When I moved to Portugal in 2017, I got involved in local specialty coffee scene and since then trying to foster the growth of it. In collaboration with local industry professionals and enthusiasts, we are organising occasional knowledge-sharing sessions, coffee cuppings, workshops. We are indirectly creating a network of trustworthy professionals in green coffee sourcing, roasting and brewing. Whilst my knowledge is not bound to a particular area of the industry, I posses a fair expertise in each of the segments with a strong interest in stages between green coffee production and roasting. With a good understanding of the product and best hospitality practices, I am comfortable entering as well as building environment for coffee lovers and professionals. 


Aalborg University (Copenhagen)


IT, Communication & New Media

Technical University of Denmark 


Information and Communication Technology

IT University of Copenhagen


BSc in Global Business Informatics



Social Media Marketing

Distortion Festival('14-'16)

Traffic crew project lead

Analog Cafe('15-'17)

Barista; Hangout crew

AeroPress Portugal('18-present)


European Coffee Trip('18-present)



Marriott International('13-'14)

Front desk

Hotel Lautruppark('15-'16)

Front desk

IT University of Copenhagen('16-'17)

Teaching Assistant

The Block Cafe('18-'19)

Barista; Communications

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