work hard play harder

2011-2017 lived, studied and worked in copenhagen, denmark. delved into organisational challenges, including process optimisation/improvement, time management, people management, etc. been part of innovators community focused on students and their leadership opportunities. 

2017-2019 lisbon, portugal. facilitated building and growth of crypto cafe. developed community around bitcoin (no scamcoins), co-hosted meetups, workshops, etc. 
fostered craftmanship of specialty coffee, studied supply chains, business matters, hosted events. 

2019-2020 reykjavik, iceland. ran a business in automotive industry. been responsible of building, growing and managing a team of 9. over a year's time advanced company to a competitive level, established solid supply and demand links. 
with a small team of devs built a car rental platform with proprietary and custom made back-office interface and a version of cms + user friendly and seo optimized site.


aalborg university (copenhagen)


it, communication & new media

technical university of denmark 


information and communication technology

it university of copenhagen


bsc in global business informatics